Keeping Your Garage Safe and Secure: A Guide

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3 Telltale Signs You Need Garage Door Repair Service

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As the largest and heaviest moving part in the envelope of your house, the garage door requires immediate attention when it’s not working properly. Neglecting garage door problems can lead to complete door failure at crucial times and also jeopardise your safety and that of your loved ones.  The good thing about garage doors is htat they rarely fail without warning. Watching out for warning signs of garage door malfunction and seeking out a garage door repairer early are crucial for maximising the safety, performance and durability of your door. Read More»

4 Ways Changes in the Season Can Impact Your Garage Door

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Changes in the weather can have a big impact on the operation of your garage door. If you have been having problems with your garage door following a change of season, it may be time to get your garage door serviced. Read on to find out more. Pest damage During the autumn months, many small animals will look for somewhere to make a nest. Unfortunately, that somewhere could be your garage. Read More»

Top 4 Factors That Will Affect Your Garage Roller Doors' Expected Lifespan

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Garage roller doors are a great investment for use in both residential and commercial properties. These compact doors are an excellent choice when it comes to saving space, unlike sectional doors. They are affordable, secure, easy to operate and available in a wide range of styles for increased curb appeal. All these and other benefits more than justify the investment you will put in towards buying and installing garage roller doors. Read More»