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3 Telltale Signs You Need Garage Door Repair Service

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As the largest and heaviest moving part in the envelope of your house, the garage door requires immediate attention when it's not working properly. Neglecting garage door problems can lead to complete door failure at crucial times and also jeopardise your safety and that of your loved ones. 

The good thing about garage doors is htat they rarely fail without warning. Watching out for warning signs of garage door malfunction and seeking out a garage door repairer early are crucial for maximising the safety, performance and durability of your door.

Having said that, here are some telltale signs of garage door trouble that you shouldn't ignore. 

1. Odd Noise

When they are well-lubricated and perfectly balanced, garage doors operate almost noiselessly. That's why squeaking, rattling, clunking, creaking, grinding, screeching and other unusual noises should never be taken lightly. Odd noise may be an indication that the moving metal components of your door lack lubrication or that your door is out of balance. The former can be fixed with a little grease or garage door lubricant, while the latter will require the input of a garage door technician to check the balance of the door and level it.

No matter the type of noise you hear, it is important that you hire a garage door repair company to ensure accurate diagnosis and repair of the problem.

2. Water Collecting on Your Garage Floors

Your garage door has a protective seal installed at the bottom part to prevent rain from entering the garage. The seal also helps to protect the door material from water damage. Over time, the seal wears down and begins to allow water to infiltrate your garage. 

If you notice that water is pooling on your garage floors during the rainy days, this is an indication that your garage door seal is damaged and needs to be replaced. You will also need to have your door checked for water damage and then have the necessary fixes made.

3. Door Gets Stuck During Operation

If your garage door gets stuck when in use, this is an obvious sign of malfunction. Any obstruction in the track of the door can cause it to stall halfway. The door can also get jammed because of broken springs or problems with the door opener. A garage door repair expert can troubleshoot for the exact cause of the problem and make the necessary fixes. 

Do you suspect that something is wrong with your garage door? Don't compromise the safety, performance and durability of the door by ignoring the problem. Contact a garage door repair specialist for an accurate diagnosis and repair of the issue today!