Keeping Your Garage Safe and Secure: A Guide

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Why Fit an Automatic Garage Door?

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Many homeowners simply want an automatically operated garage door for the greater convenience they afford. Instead of having to get out of your car to park it in the garage, auto doors swing open or raise up with no effort at all. Indeed, automatic doors will also close once you have parked your car at the end of the day, so they are ideal if you have limited time or simply don't want to get out when it is raining. However, there are numerous other advantages that come with a fully operational set of automatic garage doors. What are they?

Improved Security

To begin with, automatic doors allow you to access your garage without worrying about leaving your car unattended. If you have valuable items in your car or on your person, then getting out to open and close your garage door will be just the sort of time when a mugger might try their luck. When you are in the car with the doors locked, you are safe. By parking and only getting out when your garage doors have been firmly closed behind you, both you and your car's passengers will feel more secure. Remember that automatic doors don't just open and close because they've detected a vehicle nearby. They will only operate if you have a key fob to wirelessly communicate with them when to open.

Safer Operation

In many respects, auto garage doors are safer than their manually operated counterparts. Up and over garage doors tend to lead to back injuries because you need to bend down to be able to pull them up. Equally, if the springs are not functioning properly with them, then they can fall down unexpectedly, sometimes causing head injuries. Old-fashioned hinged garage doors need to be opened on both sides. If it is windy outside, then garage doors can slam shut, potentially causing injuries to fingers that get trapped. Of course, operating manual garage doors isn't exactly unsafe but incidents can and do occur. Certainly, this is the case when you have young children and pets around that might not understand how to take precautions when operating garage doors. Indeed, people with mobility issues will often find automatic doors safer and less tiring to operate than conventional ones.

Improved Curb Appeal

Finally, many people like automatic garage doors because they look good. If you have a garage and want to add value to it—along with the rest of your property, of course—then one of the best investments you can make is with a set of automatic doors. 

For more information about automatic doors, contact a local company.