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Two things to consider when buying a garage door

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Here are two things to consider when buying a garage door.

Whether you need a tilt-up door or a sectional one

Whilst there are many types of garage doors, two of the most popular are tilt-up and sectional. It's important to consider which of these might suit your needs best. Sectional garage doors operate vertically. This means that a door like this won't jut out past the garage's entrance. Conversely, when fully opened, a tilt-up door will be almost parallel to the ground beneath it and will protrude out from the garage.

Whether or not it would be beneficial to have a garage door that juts out when open will depend on how you use this area of your property, as well as the amount of space there is in the area beyond the garage. For example, a protruding open tilt-up door might be useful if you often need to spend time in and around the garage, with the door open, when it's snowing or raining. In these circumstances, the door above your head will provide some extra shelter from the elements. Sectional doors do not provide this type of coverage. If however, you have very little free space outside your garage, then you might find that a tilt-up door takes up too much space when it's open.

The type of safety features you need the door to have

You should also consider the type of safety features you need the door to have. It's important to give this some consideration so that you don't pay extra for a garage door with safety features you don't really need and instead get a door that is designed in a way that'll address your specific garage-related safety concerns. Some sectional doors, for example, come with a bushfire-protection system. However, if you don't reside in a place where bushfires occur on a regular basis, you might not need a feature like this. If you're more worried about your garage flooding, you might want to look for a door that comes with weather seals. These seals could greatly reduce the amount of water that could get inside your garage when it rains heavily.

Sectional doors are also available in designs that offer protection against cyclones. This type of door is suitable for properties in areas where storms with strong winds are a regular occurrence. If however, you don't live in a place with this type of weather, this might not be the right safety feature for you. If you're more concerned about someone breaking into your garage, and you live somewhere very sunny, you might be better off getting a door that isn't windproof but comes with a high-quality UV-resistant coating. This could not only prevent the garage door paint from peeling or fading but, more importantly, could prevent the UV rays from causing damage that could make it easier for someone to break into this space (as when a garage door's finish begins to deteriorate, the underlayer can get exposed and end up rotting or rusting).

Reach out to a garage door provider to learn more about your options, including B&D garage doors.