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Troubleshooting Operational Problems With Your Garage Doors

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Malfunctioning garage doors can cause serious disruption to your daily routine. If you are having trouble on a regular basis with opening and closing the doors, it could translate into being late for work, being locked out of your home during rainy weather and a host of other problems. In some cases, the solution could be as simple as changing the batteries on your garage door remote. On the other hand, you garage doors may need serious repair and maintenance for them to regain their functionality. Below are a couple of the ways that you could troubleshoot problems with your garage doors.

The garage doors do not open with the remote

The first thing to check when your garage doors refuse to open and close via their remote is whether the device is still working. If the remote has fresh batteries, you may want to experiment with the range. All garage door remotes are fitted with antennas that communicate with the garage door sensors for them to open and close. If the inbuilt radio of the garage door remote is out of range, then you will not be able to operate the doors. You may have to call a garage door technician to replace your remote with a functioning alternative.

The second reason why your garage doors may open manually but will not budge when using your remote is if the device requires reprogramming. In some cases, your remote may lose all its pre-programmed settings, which would virtually make it useless. This reprogramming can easily be done by thumbing through the manual or having a garage door technician do it for you.

The garage doors are not closing entirely

Another problem you may encounter with your garage doors is that they open and close, but do not shut all the way. There are various reasons why this issue may develop. Firstly, the garage doors' safety sensors may have become misaligned due to heavy usage. A professional technician would be able to inspect the electronic eyes of the garage doors and ensure that nothing is obstructing the sight lines.

The second reason why the garage doors lose their ability to close entirely is if the rollers have become old or acquired damage. Corrosion, bending and other physical issues would impede the doors' ability to close all the way. A technician would be able to discern if all your garage doors require is a simple repair or if the damage is extensive and the rollers would require replacement.