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Garage Door Upgrades You Should Consider For The New Year

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Do you have any plans to carry out home renovations during the year? Is your garage door part of your renovation to-do list? The garage door is an essential fixture in the home, and it should be properly maintained. Besides protecting the valuables in your garage from burglars, it also prevents heat loss in the home through the garage and improves the aesthetics of your home's interior. As you set your year resolutions regarding home improvement, consider these top garage door upgrades that can enhance its appearance and functionality.

A new garage door

A worn or old garage door with faded or flaky paint can degrade the exterior appearance of your home. It can also compromise your home's security by presenting vulnerabilities which can be exploited by burglars. If your garage door is no longer functioning properly and has seen numerous repairs, it may be time to replace it with a new one. Installing a new garage door will not only beef up security, but it will also give you a chance to explore some of the latest models, styles, and designs.

Research and come up with garage door ideas and designs that you would consider for your home. You can have a custom garage door if you want to give it a personal touch. Also, think about the material that you want so that you can be ahead of things during the remodeling period.


Upgrading your manual garage door to an automatic garage door can be an excellent way of improving its functionality, increasing convenience, and deterring burglars from your home. Automated garage doors are operated using a remote device or an electronic keypad, and this makes it hard for unauthorized persons to tamper with it.

You do not have to replace the existing door with a new one to enjoy this new technology. A garage door specialist can the door and recommend the necessary tweaks and repairs that would be required before setting up automatic features. Have this on your list so that you can take the time to find a qualified garage door specialist for the upgrade.


The garage door is one of the primary culprits of heat loss in the home if it is not insulated. Even if you have insulated the home, the heat that's lost through the garage will increase your heating requirements and your annual utility bills. Consider insulating your garage door to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and reduce energy bills. Also, make sure that your garage is insulated as well as it can also lead to heat loss through the exterior walls.

As you list some of the upgrades you intend to undertake during the year, make sure that you include the garage door. Also, ensure that you only deal with a qualified specialist so that you can get the most out of the upgrade.