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Garage Door Repairs: Causes of Common Faults

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Garage doors provide you with the confidence that your car, home, office or business is safe, especially when you are absent. In order to make these doors continue providing you with the required safety, you need to constantly check on them. If you notice signs of wear and tear, or damages on some parts of the garage door, you need to have the door repaired as soon as possible; garage door repairs should not be procrastinated. The following are some of the common faults in your garage door that need repair and their causes.

Static Doors

This is a condition where the door does not close or open. There are several reasons why the door may get static. One of the causes is obstruction to the sensors for doors equipped with electronic openers. As such, you need to ensure that there are no obstructions to the path of the sensors. If, upon checking, you confirm that there are no obstructions, then the problem could be with the opener itself.

Uneven Movement of the Door

You notice that your door suddenly does not move with the even flow or motion it is supposed to move with. The culprit in such situations is the spring mechanism. The problem may also be caused by tracks. If the tracks are bent, or twisted in any way, the door will have uneven movement. In worse situations, it may refuse to move at all.

Doors Falling Quickly

If your roller garage door falls quickly, it needs repairs. Such sudden falls may be a result of broken cables or chains. Do not even attempt to try fixing such a door by yourself; it needs professional hands. If left unattended, such a door poses risks to the users.


A garage door functioning normally is not supposed to make loud noises. As such, if you notice loud sounds, either when opening or closing the door, those are tell-tale signs that your door needs repair. The loud noise may be caused by friction, indicating the door system lacks lubrication. Also, the loud noise may be due to accumulated dirt in the tracks. Whichever the cause, it needs to be fixed before it triggers further damage to your garage door.

Damage to Rollers

The rollers may get broken or damaged due to various reasons. In such situations, the best solution is to replace the rollers. Make sure you only engage qualified professionals to fix the problem. Otherwise, your car in the garage will not be safe, or you will continue to experience the same problems when opening or closing the doors.