Keeping Your Garage Safe and Secure: A Guide

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Selecting a Gate for Your Garage

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You want to put a gate in front of your driveway. Whether you want to upgrade the outward appearance of your house or add an extra layer of security, swing gates will achieve both of these goals. This article will help navigate you through what kinds of swing gates are available and some of their benefits.

Types of Swing Gates

Swing gates usually have two gates that both swing outward to open and inward to close. Sometimes, gates can have one door, but the two-door version is usually what professionals recommend for the greatest convenience. First of all, two doors do not need as much space in the front to swing open, and, secondly, two-door versions open and close more quickly than gates with one door.

These doors are generally operated electronically. Some swing gates come with a controller; for others, you will need to buy the controllers separately and sync them with your garage doors. You can have multiple controllers for the doors, and the doors respond well to the controller, beginning or stopping their journey almost as soon as you press the button.

Benefits of Swing Gates

Swing gates have fewer moving parts than other garage doors you might consider. Because of this, the swing gates are quieter. Many garage doors are loud. Everyone in the house knows when they are being opened or closed. Installing swing gates can change that. This is great as it will allow you to open and close the doors without disturbing whomever might be in the room above the garage.

Additionally, swing gates are a less expensive option for your garage, and they do not require very much maintenance. Not only will you pay a lower price in the beginning, but you will also not need to continue paying money for constant maintenance. The doors will not just decide not to work one day, leaving you with your car trapped in the garage. These doors have a long service life.

In the case of a power failure, there is an emergency release. You will still be able to take your car out of the garage. Control panels can often be adjusted to control two sets of the doors if you have a double garage. One of the best things about these swing gates is that the double-doored swing gates can be used in a small space. You do not need a lot of extra space to upgrade the outside of your home and create a safer garage area.