Keeping Your Garage Safe and Secure: A Guide

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Garage Security: How Much Security Does Your Garage Door Offer?

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As homeowners overturn the market to find high-security doors with advanced security features for their homes, the garage door is often overlooked. The garage is an essential part of your home that can act as a potential break-in point for intruders. Investing in a high-security door can help increase the safety of your home against burglary.

Do you feel secure with the current garage door you have installed? To answer these question, you should assess the following aspects as regards your garage door and determine whether it is adequate or whether you need to make certain changes.

Security features and technology

Over the years, garage door safety features such as alarms, keyless door locks, and programmable locks have been introduced to deter intruders. However, the types of security features that were introduced two decades ago may be obsolete as far as burglars are concerned. Today's burglars have devised techniques to break into even the presumed secure doors. So, as far as technology is concerned, ensure that you look into the following areas of your garage door:

  • Upgrade your technology. For instance, fixed code system remotes can easily be hacked by burglars. Instead, go for remotes with a rolling code system which changes the code every time a wrong signal is sent.
  • If you are using a keyed door lock, ensure that it's burglar-proof and can resist hammering and any form of mechanical force intended to break it.
  • Install a wide-coverage surveillance camera outside your home. Its mere existence is enough deterrence against burglary.

Garage door material

Garage doors come in various styles from rolling doors to overhead doors and swing-out doors. Whichever type you have or intend to buy, be mindful of the material that it is made of. It is useless to have security features on a door that can easily be banged open by a burglar. If you are building a new garage or renovating the existing one, consider door materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, which are quite sturdy, durable, and resistant to forced entry. When used with a deadbolt door lock and door jambs, such materials can increase the security of your garage.

Garage door panels

A determined thief can use a piece of wire to thread between the frame and the rubber seal at the top of the panel and manually release an automatic garage door. To avoid this, equip your door with a garage shield pad which prevents lifting of the door after manual release. Although you will have to replace the rubber seal after an attempted break-in, you will have saved your valuables.

Finally, practice good safety habits such as activating the alarm during the day and night and locking the garage door. If any of the above features of your garage door are obsolete or inadequate, have a garage door specialist install a new door and better security features to improve the safety of your garage and the entire home. For more information, contact a business such as Aus Secure.