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What to do if the remote control to your commercial garage door isn't working like it should

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If your small business has its own garage, this is a great feature that makes the business look more professional, and is also an advantage if you have a company car, as nobody will have to take it home and be responsible for its safety. However, a garage can also add to the maintenance work you need to do on your business in order to keep your garage functional. A very common malfunction for all types of garages is that the remote isn't working. In order to find and fix the problem of a malfunctioning garage door remote control, there are a few things you should think about.

No movement

The first thing you need to check if the garage door isn't reacting to the commands of the remote at all is whether all parts in your garage doors that are connected to the remote are operational. Make sure the sensor reacts by lighting up as you press the button on your remote control. You should also make sure that the antenna is hanging freely and that it hasn't tangled or been squeezed by the garage doors. If any of these seem to be the problem, then you need to call a professional to have them replaced with original parts.

Partially opened or closed

If the problem with your garage door is that it doesn't open or close fully when you're using the remote, this can be a big issue as it compromises the security of the garage. This is an issue commonly caused by the remote. Most commercial garage doors come with a remote that has a switch where you can decide how much you want the door to open or close, and if your switch is engaged, you just need to modify it to open and close fully. Check with the manual on how to do this. If your remote doesn't have a switch, you need to examine the door itself, as the pulling mechanism might have rusted or become obstructed. Remove any objects blocking the path for the moving parts of your garage door and sand off rust to make the door functional again.


Another common issue with the garage door remote is that the garage door isn't closing, but just bounces back up as you attempt to close it. If this is your problem, you should first check for any objects obstructing the door as it closes. If you can't find anything, you should clean the sensor on your garage door. Dirt on the sensor can confuse the mechanism and make it act like there was something in the way, even though there isn't.