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Tips When Resetting the Garage Door Opener Limit Switch

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A garage door opener is designed to make the process of opening and closing your garage door simplified. However, it is possible for issues to arise from time to time when you are using the garage opener remote to open and close your garage door. One of the most common problems that homeowners notice involves the garage door not opening or closing all the way.

There are mechanisms on a garage door opener that determine the amount the door will open and close and they are controlled by switches that have been set. This means that when you notice your garage door is not sealing to the floor or opening high enough, you can correct the issue by resetting the limit switch. Before you begin this process, it is important that you follow the tips below to make it more manageable.


You will need to get access to the motor of your garage door opener, which is typically positioned at a high point above the garage door. This means that you will need to use a ladder to get a clear view of the garage door opener motor. Once you have a view of the motor, you will need to pinpoint where the limit switches on your garage door opener are positioned.

In most cases, you will be able to find these switches at the back of the motor. It is also possible for them to be present under the lens cover for the light bulbs. You will be able to identify the switches, because there should be two white knob-like switches that have an opening designed to allow a flat-head screwdriver to fit inside.


You will be able to adjust the limit of your garage door opener by turning the switch using a flat-head screwdriver. Each switch should be labeled up and down. You will be able to adjust how far the door opens by turning the screw in the up switch and can do the same by turning the screwdriver in the down switch.

A clockwise motion will increase the length the door travels and counterclockwise will decrease it. You will only have to move the screw in small increments at a time. It is best to do this job with another person, so that they can hit the button on the door opener to see how much more of an adjustment that you will need to make to get the door to open and close to the correct distance.