Keeping Your Garage Safe and Secure: A Guide

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A Guide to Garage Door Repairs

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Garage doors are made to last for a long time without damage. You are, however, required to maintain them regularly to make this possible. Maintenance mostly involves lubrication, which you can easily do. Here’s a simple guide on garage door repairs. Dead Batteries and Faulty Remotes If your garage door fails to open when you push the garage remote button, check whether the batteries are dead or the remote is faulty; in most cases, this is usually the problem. Read More»

A Guide On Roll-Up Garage Doors

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A garage door is an essential component of your home’s exterior. It is especially so since most garages are located at the front of the house. As such, the garage door should add to the appeal of your home. Besides, it should keep your vehicle and tools safe. Roller doors, or roll-up doors, are an ideal choice for many homeowners since they are cheap, they have a simple design and they can be painted a wide range of colours. Read More»